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I read an absolutely incredible story over the weekend. If you have been following the latest Crystal Cathedral news, you know that the ministry there is in real trouble. Unpaid creditors. Laid off staff. Sale of property. A recent bankruptcy. A failed fund-raising attempt. And now, the sale of the Crystal Cathedral property for $50 million dollars to a college so that the church can pay off all the creditors. Fast forward to last week. According to the Orange County Register, Arvella Schuller (Robert’s wife) has taken ill. The church sent an email out to some of it’s leaders and members stating:
…the Schullers do not want get-well cards sent because they would like to “keep her situation under the radar.” “However, they would appreciate meals over the next three to four weeks,” the email states. “They are to be sent to the church in order to be transported to Arvella. The limo drivers could pick up the dinners or meet in the Tower Lobby around 4:30 p.m.”
Can you guess what the key phrase in the above paragraph was? Yep. Limo drivers. People were ticked (as you can see in this article). Could a church that owes creditors FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS to creditors not see that the fact that their founder was still utilizing a limosine would be problematic? My take… yep. They didn’t see it. It was a blind spot. In fact, the CC’s response to people’s outrage was this:
“We didn’t want people going to their home because they are very private people,” said Charles. “That’s why we asked that the food be dropped off at the tower so the limo drivers can pick them up and deliver them.”
Not a clue. That got me thinking. (uh-oh). What blind spots does your church have? I bet you have some. What things do you do, not thinking twice about, that are totally outrageous or out of line? (OK… if they’re not totally outrageous or out of line, maybe they’re just annoying or unhelpful). The problem with blind spots is that they are blind spots. YOU don’t see them. But others DO. Your task this week. Find out your church’s blind spots. Be inspector gadget for the next few days. Ask questions of people. Find out the areas that you may have no idea about right now that may be holding you and your leadership back. Whatever you do… don’t wait for the newspaper to identify them for you. Todd

This is a guest post from Leonard Lee, a regular commenter here at MMI.  Leonard writes:  Sometimes I get what I call “Duh Moments.”  ”Duh Moments” are what happens when something that should be clear becomes clear and I say “Duh.” The word “Gospel” means good news.  The four gospels in the New Testament are the four accounts of the life of Christ and are called gospels because they tell the good news about Jesus.  The bible also mentions  “The Gospel” and this is the incredibly good news that through faith in Christ we can be forgiven and redeemed. Today, most church going folks couldn’t tell you what the Gospel is, and for many it is set of facts and information we believe.  Get the information right and you are saved… get it wrong and “No Soup for You!” In Romans 1:16,  Paul wrote that he was not ashamed of the Gospel because the Gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone…  This verse was always used to get me to be more bold and the leverage word in the verse is the word “ashamed.”  It means what we think it means.  I have heard a “ton-o-sermons” on this verse and guess what, I always end up feeling ashamed for feeling ashamed… this is certainly the recipe for transformation. (See the post on sarcasm and realize I still need to work on this.) I heard statements like “what if they die and go to hell and you never told them because you were ashamed of the gospel?”  Here is a confession.  Shaming me into feeling no shame didn’t really work.  Then the “Duh Moment” with God. I read the rest of the verse and discovered that the reason Paul felt no shame was not about how screwed you are without Jesus but rather because the Gospel is FREEKING AMAZING!!! Duh. The Gospel is the power of God.  So many Christians are looking for the power of God… going to healers, watching Christian television, begging God to do stuff… making deals with God about giving, serving, loving others… just to get some of that God Power working in their direction.  But right in front of our faces is this Gospel, this good news and it IS the power of God.  It does not contain the power of God, it does not refract, reflect, channel, hold or manipulate the power of God… no it IS THE POWER OF GOD! Duh. Power for what?  Salvation… kind of a big deal, I got now power for that.  Transformation… Another big deal, I got no power for that.  Cleansing of guilt and shame… I got no power for that.  Healing of wounds, broken heartedness, fear, anger, addiction, slavery to sin… I got no power for that.  Destroyed marriages, rebellious hearts, wayward kids, hopelessness, discouragement… I got no power for that.   But God does and the Gospel IS the power of God. Duh. So here’s a question; Did you know you had that much power at your disposal?  Did you know that in your grasp is the power of God to alter eternity and change lives?  Did you know that God has given us access to His life altering, sin forgiving, God reconciling, and heart transforming power?  WOW!!!  Call the paper, alert the media, send out a press release because that is BIG. When I focused on the Power of God, the Gospel, I got motivated.  No shame needed for removing my shame.  I got excited because I have access to the only power that can do what NEEDS to be done in a persons life.  I am a steward of this power.  Holy Smokes, how cool is that?  Now when I read “I am not ashamed of the Gospel” I get excited and say “Duh, who in their right mind would be ashamed of that kind of life changing power!”  Thank you Jesus!   Off… we go now. You can read more of Leonard’s writings at his blog.  And feel free to comment on his “Duh Moments” here at MMI or over at his blog. Thanks, Leonard! Todd