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Uh… yeah, that pretty much sums up my feelings of a certain segment of Christianity. Although they wouldn’t like being called ‘haters’. They would prefer apologists or discerners.  Constantly contending for the faith. I have a whole category of rss feeds labeled for these folks.  I checked it every day to see who/what’s got them peeved.  Usually it’s Rick Warren or Rob Bell.  Sometimes Mark Driscoll.  But more recently they’ve set their scopes on one that they have long admired:  John Piper. My thought many times is:  what a miserable way to look at life… always looking for the bad.  Always trying to expose the heretic.  Always disgruntled and annoyed.  Always picking apart. Some may say, I do that here.  I hope not.  I have not been kind in my assessment of Ted Haggard here as one example.  But I hope that any assessment or discussion started here has a little more to it than whether or not someone believes in new earth creationism. I want to take a moment to thank everyone who is reading this.  We tackle some pretty heady and controversial topics here (like the transgender christianity post from yesterday).  And you all do a masterful job (most all of the time) discussing very difficult topics with grace and without hate. Thanks for not being ‘haters’.

Back in 2007, LifeWay Christian Stores (owned by the Southern Baptist Convention) decided to attach a sticker to certain books that said “Please Read with Discernment”.  Authors like Rob Bell, Donald Miller, and Brian McLaren all had their books tagged with the labels… and a warning:  that those books were “strictly for critical study or research to… understand and develop responses to the diversity of religious thought in today’s postmodern world.” Those labels are going away in 2011. According to a report in Christianity Today, LifeWay had been thinking of getting rid of the labels for some time.  They thought they would help readers, but just became controversial and ended up being “more trouble than they were worth.” In the end, according to Chris Rodgers, LifeWay’s director of product standards and customer relations, “We should all read everything with discernment.” [box type=”info”]What do you think? Should LifeWay continue or discontinue the “Read with Discernment” program? And since they are a Southern Baptist owned store, what SHOULDN’T they sell (if anything)?[/box] Todd