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Current Events
I mean… why should something so beautiful be named after the devil?  According to Arthur Mijares it is “derogatory, pejorative, offensive, obscene, blasphemous and profane.”  At least that’s what the federal papers he signed this week attest to. According to an article in the LA Times, “I just happen to be an ordinary man that worships God,” Mijares said by way of explanation. “He gave me this task in my prayer time. I said, ‘Lord, they’re going to think I’m a loon.’ ” You’re right Arthur.  I do. But then again, what if God did say to him this was his task. But would God have such a task.  Does God care that a mountain is named Mt. Diablo. But if God DID give him this task, would he really want the mountain re-named Mt. Reagan (after the American President)?  That’s what Mijares wants it named.  I would think that, push come to shove, that God would pick a different name.  Maybe Mt. Mary (after his earthly mother); or Sunshine Mountain (after the popular Sunday School song). I guess God did tell Noah to build an ark.  But somehow, that seems different to me. So… what do you think? Did God give this task to Arthur?  Is it something God would do?  And why would God re-name it Mt. Reagan? If you were God, what would you name a mountain? (As you can tell, I’m a little disturbed this morning) Todd

Current Events
TV Evangelist Rod Parsley (from my home state of Columbus) is asking for a financial miracle before December 31.  Rod is asking people to “help me take back what the devil stole?”  The appeal said that there was a $3 million dollar deficit even after cutting the budget 30% during the year. This isn’t a big story.  I mean, a lot of TV evangelists make big pleas for funds.  They have for years. What is interesting in this story, according to the Columbus Dispatch, is that Parsley’s church settled for $3.1 million this year with a family whose son was spanked at its day-care center in 2006, to the point his buttocks and legs were covered with welts and abrasions. According to a statement by the church:  “The decision imposed against us earlier this year has made our circumstances more serious.”  I’m sure it did. But if this $3 million is the same $3 million that Parsley is asking for because the devil stole it from them… that sure makes for a different scenario. (If I was a betting man, I would guess that the $3 million was an insurance claim against the church rather than coming straight from the church coffers). Here’s my read:  the day of the big TV evangelists is over.  It could be that the $3 million dollars wasn’t actually stolen by Satan.  It could be that people are waking up and finding that their money is better when not placed in the hands of a TV evangelist. What’s YOUR read? Todd SOURCE

OK… I’m a little late on this one… but did you know that Halloween candy is secretly cursed before it’s sent to your local grocery store?  And we know this is true because it was found on a blog put out by the Christian Broadcasting Network!  (Well, at least it was at one time… it’s now been taken down; but you can get the cached page here) That’s what BibleBeltBlogger found out in this story. Here’s an excerpt:

You may ask, “Doesn’t God have more power than the devil?” Yes, but He has given that power to us. If we do not walk in it, we will become the devil’s prey. Witchcraft works through dirty hearts and wrong spirits.

During this period demons are assigned against those who participate in the rituals and festivities. These demons are automatically drawn to the fetishes that open doors for them to come into the lives of human beings. For example, most of the candy sold during this season has been dedicated and prayed over by witches.

Even the colors of Halloween (orange, brown and dark red) are dedicated. These colors are connected to the fall equinox, which is around the 20th or 21st of September each year and is sometimes called “Mabon.” During this season witches are celebrating the changing of the seasons from summer to fall. They give praise to the gods for the demonic harvest. They pray to the gods of the elements (air, fire, water and earth).

Why do Christians act like this? Why would anyone say that my mini kit-kat bar or my banana laffy taffy was dedicated to Satan and prayed over by witches?  And even if it was, why shouldn’t I eat it?  Is there some kind of satanic spirit embedded in the fibers of the delicious fruity taffy that I shouldn’t digest?