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Dave Kraft is the Leadership Development Pastor at Mars Hill Church.  Recently he posted seven things that he’s doing to help simplify his life.  Maybe some of these things could help you as well…
  1. Never saying yes to anything over the phone, but buying time to think and pray about it.
  2. Practicing the theology of enough. I have no list of things that fall into the category of: I would be happy if______.
  3. Asking God to deliver me from an unhealthy appetite for acclaim, approval, position, power, and honor that would push me to do more and more for the wrong reasons.
  4. Praying to be released from the restless, gnawing greed for more money and more stuff.
  5. Daily reminding myself of who I am and who I am not—being content to be me.
  6. Carving out sufficient time alone with God for humble contemplation—to give him opportunity to quiet my anxious heart and keep me focused on my “few themes.”
As you go about your week, what are some of the things that you have found help simplify your ministry life? What do you AUTOMATICALLY say no to?  What do you AUTOMATICALLY say yes to? How do you decide what to spend your time on?  Is it planned out; or more ‘fly by the seat of your pants’? And when it’s all said and done… how do you know that you’ve had a good week? Love to hear your input… Todd PS — Here’s a link to Dave’s post…