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Tim Lucas, Lead Pastor of Liquid Church, will lead live polling via text messaging at all locations where Liquid Church holds worship services in New Jersey. With the Presidential elections approaching, many individuals including the nearly 2,500 evangelical Christian attendees of the church, must decide how they are to engage in politics of the public square. The 4-week series of Sunday services this September will be focused on moving beyond the polarizing political rhetoric found in today’s news media. “Growing up, I was told never to discuss three issues in polite company – politics, sex, and religion. But this Sunday, we’re going to hit at least two… with the potential for all three!” laughed Lucas. During worship services, Lucas will invite the entire congregation to use their cell phones to text in their vote on various questions presented including: – Can a Christian vote for a Mormon? – How would Jesus handle hot-button issues such as gay marriage & immigration? – Is the next generation of Christians moving beyond the Culture Wars? – Do you have faith in God or Government? Live results will be displayed on screens as all the results are tallied in real-time. “Typically, the pulpit is used to tell church members exactly how to vote. This time, we’re going to flip the equation and use it to give voice to our people,” Lucas explained. The sermon messages will attempt to bridge the often polarizing worlds of politics and religion. “The Bible tells us to pray for all our leaders– and that includes our Republican Governor and our Democrat President,” noted Lucas. “I’m hoping the Scriptures can lead us to bridge the partisan divide and find faith for the future of our country.” SOURCE Great idea or not?  Would you do this in YOUR church if you could? Todd