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David Hayward at nakedpastor has an interesting comic this morning on his blog.  See what you think:   So many times, we want our leaders to think outside the box. Outside the box thinking is great. But. And that’s a big but. Do we allow our people to really think outside the box without consequences? Do YOU have the freedom to think out the box without being hurled so far outside the box for sharing your thoughts that you are completely dazzled to the point that you’ll never leave the box again. Outside the box thinking is great until you share your ideas only to find that you’re squarely looking at everyone else still inside the box. QUESTION:  When was the last time you thought ‘outside the box’ and shared your idea?  How was it received.  Did it make you want to think creatively in the future, or was it a negative experience? I’d love to hear your thoughts… Todd

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Something I’ve learned:  People will always remember something that’s better than they expected, funnier than they expected or more enjoyable than they expected. In general the unexpected gets remembered.  We were talking about sexual purity in our youth environment.  We felt that generally students expect it to be overly serious, dramatic, and lifeless.  We wanted to shake it up and when they cam have them be surprised.  The results were: they were more attentive listeners than they ever had been and they remembered so far 2 years later the night.  Every time they say something like “I remember when you did that never music video thing… that’s right you talked about sexual purity I still remember how God’s plan for us is…”  It seems silly sometimes but every time we do something like this we get a huge return on application and retention in both adult and student environments.  To give you an idea this what did that night for sexual purity: Sometimes with creative pieces we try to put too much meaning into them.  Fun and humor can really open up a passage for the speaker to come up and impact lives.