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OK… since it’s Tuesday after a holiday weekend, most of you (I hope) took yesterday off.  Well, to get you back in work-mode, what’s better than a refreshing reminder from Old Spice.  Watch this.  You might even want to drop by CVS on your morning break and pick up some Old Spice.  I SO want to be this guy… What helps get you going after a long holiday weekend? Todd

It’s Monday, and sometimes on Monday you just have to take a couple minutes and relax.  Well, this video should help you out.  Pete Wilson shared this recently on his blog.  Most of us are either in, or have recently excited the ‘mini-van’ stage of life.  I graduated last year (I’m happy to say).  And somehow, I don’t remember mini-van life being quite this sexy: What is your favorite mini-van memory? I have one I might share if prompted enough. Todd