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Current Events
From the “think the worst about your brother” file… A popular blogger is accusing Elevation Church of ‘censorship’. Huh? Well, Chris Rosebrough, the blogger in this story, says that when Matt Chandler spoke at Elevation Church’s Code Orange Revival this week, all was fine… but when the time came for the sermon to be re-webcast at Elevation’s normal time at 10:12 pm and 3:12 am; Chandler’s sermon was cut. The church’s response:
“We decided to do prayer time live during the first rebroadcast time. We were getting so many requests for prayer.”
The church’s Motion Graphic Designer explained:
“the team decided to focus the rebroadcast on Jesus – so we reformatted the content a bit – We are trying to stay in the flow of what the Spirit is leading us to do.”
And Pastor Steven Furtick tweeted the next morning:
“I apologize for the inconvenience of last night’s #CodeOrangeRevival programming change-Matt Chandler’s msg will reair today@10:12am&12:12pm.”
The church also has said that the sermon will be available for podcast after the revival along with all other revival messages. Rosebrough’s response, according to the Christian Post:
“Fact is, Furtick’s ‘explanation’ is a flimsy effort at spin/damage control and an admission that a deliberate decision was made to remove Chandler’s sermon from the first two rebroadcasts.”
He told the Post that he broke the censorship story on Saturday morning and then, shortly thereafter, Elevation “reversed their decision” and re-broadcast Chandler’s message. A quote from the Post:
In Rosebrough’s view, the talk was a “boxing match theologically; if you watched Furtick’s body language he was pissed. He wasn’t clapping, he was shaking his head.”
So… which was it? Seems to me… pure speculation on anyone’s part. The charge of ‘censorship’ seems a bit over the top.  If, in fact, Chandler shared something that went against the church or Furtick’s teaching, I would think they have full rights to not show it again… at least without being accused of censorship. When someone gives an explanation, I normally try to accept it. In this case, the follow-through from Elevation was actually showing Chandler’s sermon twice (and they’ll release it as a podcast).  Doesn’t sound like censorship to me. Was there something more to the story?  Could be.  But I think Rosebrough may be totally speculating that all this went down exactly as he describes it.  And I think that’s a huge speculation. Thoughts?  Read more here.    

Current Events
According to the Christian Post, Elevation Church is kicking off a 12-day “Holy Ghost, old-school revival” on Wednesday in hopes of seeing God move in a big way this new year. Craig Groeshel, Pastor T. D. Jakes, and Christine Caine are the speakers – for what it is calling the “Code Orange” Revival. Code Orange is meant to imply a heightened sense of urgency. The website states: “Probably the most fitting example that relates to our revival is the description for the Code Orange stage of a volcano: Exhibiting heightened or escalating unrest with increased potential of eruption, timeframe uncertain.” The hope for the revival is for it to be “an eruption of [God’s] power and movement among us in 2012,” according to Elevation. “The purpose of this revival isn’t to develop a bunch of lazy Christians where we can all get fat and happy off the Word of God but so that we can become what Ezekiel (Old Testament prophet) calls a ‘vast army’ or what the disciples experienced in Acts 2 when on the day of Pentecost 3,000 people were saved that day,” said Elevation Pastor Steven Furtick on Sunday. He noted that “even in a religious city like Charlotte there’s a lot of dead, dry religion” and what he wants God to do is “revive us, bring us to life in a brand new way.” More here from the Christian Post.