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Clayton King writes:   I’ve been asking myself lately what failure would look like for me.  Not mistakes.  Not mess-ups.  I’m talking about utter, unquestionable failure.  Because if I don’t actually know what failure would be for me, then it will be most difficult to avoid it.  Here are 10 ways to fail. 1.  Build a great ministry while destroying a great marriage 2.  Compromise my convictions in a moment of fatigue or weakness, and lose my family, my reputation, and my anointing 3.  See thousands of strangers believe the gospel when I preach yet watch my own children reject the gospel when they grow up 4.  Preach on being spiritually healthy and vibrant while neglecting my own health for the sake of the ministry 5.  Be super-productive in my daily work while never working on my own personal relationship with Jesus Read the other five ways here at Clayton’s Blog… What other ways would you add to the list? Have you been guilty of any of the ten during your career?

Clayton King has some timely words for all of us today. We have no concept of how long our race will last.  We don’t pace ourselves.  We watch everyone else in the race and focus on beating them.  We lose sight of the goal.  We forget the finish line.  Competition with another person becomes the driving force.  And it burns us out.  Really fast. Then we end up sucking wind.  We have no endurance.  We stop in midstream and cause all sorts of chaos, crashes, and pileups.  We have a meltdown and those who love us the most come to our aid.  But before we can really rest we remember all the other people out there who are still running and we become intimidated by how far ahead of us they are by now.  So we jump right back in before we are ready.  At full speed again.  Another sprint that lasts a very short time, and then it’s right back to gagging and coughing and heaving and falling down. This is BURNOUT.  And it’s killing marriages and ministries.  It’s also killing ministers.  And it needs to stop. It’s cute when 2nd graders do it.  It’s stupid when adults do it.  And deadly. Pace yourself.  This is not a sprint.  It’s a marathon. The goal is to finish well, not to finish fast. Read more here…