Op-Ed: It’s OK for Conservative Christians to Evolve on LGBT Equality?

Joseph Wared, the director of Believe Out Loud has an op-ed piece in today’s Advocate. Wared writes: I have no doubt that there are conservative Christian leaders who provide extraordinary ministry in the social justice arenas of their choosing. Reverend Giglio’s commendable work to combat human trafficking was the rationale for his selection. But our culture is shifting, and when it comes to LGBT equality, Americans expect more from our churches. The U.S. Episcopal Church, Metropolitan Community Churches, and the United Church of Christ are just a few of the denominations that are meeting this...
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BOOK: Where are the Christians?

Ponder if you will the state of our world; and in particular the condition of America. Although one can easily argue the United States is still the greatest nation in the world and a country so many desire to come to— even risk their lives to enter into—there is no denying America’s social, moral and spiritual fabric continues to deteriorate at an accelerated pace. For many this is an alarming and discouraging trend. Now consider the fact that 76% of Americans claim to be Christian, making the United States one of the highest per-capita Christian nations in the world. A nation full of...
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Watch out people: Louie Giglio is ‘antigay’

I’m not sure that Louie wanted all this publicity after being chosen to pray at the inaugural. He’s now being lamblasted as antigay.  From the Advocate: The most LGBT-friendly president in U.S. history will once again have a minister with a history of antigay statements deliver a prayer at his inauguration ceremony. Pastor Louie Giglio of the Passion City Church in Atlanta, chosen to give the benediction, or closing prayer, January 21 at President Obama’s second inauguration, gave a sermon in the mid 1990s in which he said being gay is a choice and a sin that merits eternal damnation and...
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John Piper’s Last Sermon: Woe to the prosperity preachers and playful worshipers

John Piper spoke for the last time (as Senior Pastor) at Bethlehem Baptist Church last Sunday.  Here are some quotes from Piper from his last sermon (as reported by the Christian Post): “If you entice people with wealth, … ease, health, chipper, bouncy, light-hearted, playful, superficial banter in your worship service posing as joy in Christ, you will attract people, oh yeah, you can grow a huge church that way. But Christ will not be seen in his glory and the Christian life will not be seen as the calvary road that it is.” “I turn with dismay from church services that are...
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Has Bible-thumping Christianity lost its relevance?

That’s the title of an op-ed in the Montreal Gazette over the weekend.  Jillian Page writes: Just how relevant  are Christian views — beyond the golden rules common to all religions  — in today’s Western world. It seems to me that many, many people have moved on, or evolved, in their spirituality to the point that they no longer adhere to Bible-thumping church beliefs they view as exclusionary. They no longer fear the “wrath” of God; they don’t see God as a deity, but more as a loving cosmic Energy that fills the heavens and the Earth. They do not or may not believe the Bible is...
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Spiritual Copouts

We’re all heard it before:  ”I consider myself spiritual, but not religious.” Alan Miller says that’s a copout.  Check this out… posted over at CNN’s religion blog: Christianity has been interwoven and seminal in Western history and culture. As Harold Bloom pointed out in his book on the King James Bible, everything from the visual arts, to Bach and our canon of literature generally would not be possible without this enormously important work. Indeed, it was through the desire to know and read the Bible that reading became a reality for the masses – an...
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Andy Stanley: How you approach your preaching can hinder your message

Andy Stanley has some preaching advice that he shared at the NewSpring Leadership Conference: “It’s really your approach, and not your content, that determines how well that you engage unchurched people…If we’re not willing to adjust our sails and adjust our approach, you can spend your entire life … telling the truth and driving people away from it at the same time… Non-Christians aren’t supposed to obey the Bible… We’d love for them to … But when you preach broadly and you don’t differentiate, what unchurched people hear is...
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Nearly 80% Christian?

More than three-quarters of Americans identify themselves as Christian, Gallup reports. Pollsters found that 78 percent of Americans identify with Christianity. Overall, more than 82 percent of Americans have a religious identity, with this percentage breakdown: 52.5: Protestant/other Christian 23.6: Catholic 1.9: Mormon 1.6: Jewish 0.5: Muslim 2.4: Other non-Christian 15: None/atheist/agnostic 2.5: No response The findings fit the trend of an increasing percentage of Americans who do not embrace a formal religious identity. via Houston Chronicle. // OK… I really really really really...
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Uh… yeah, that pretty much sums up my feelings of a certain segment of Christianity. Although they wouldn’t like being called ‘haters’. They would prefer apologists or discerners.  Constantly contending for the faith. I have a whole category of rss feeds labeled for these folks.  I checked it every day to see who/what’s got them peeved.  Usually it’s Rick Warren or Rob Bell.  Sometimes Mark Driscoll.  But more recently they’ve set their scopes on one that they have long admired:  John Piper. My thought many times is:  what a...
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Homosexuality and Christianity

Read this post… then come back here…  There is no doubt that Christianity has a bad image.  If you read the post that I just linked to, you’ll find that one organization is trying to help change the view of Christianity from folks like these below. Interestingly, both of these examples involve homosexuality (again, I think a HUGE issue that the church HAS to deal with in the next years). I wholeheartedly believe that the Bible is very clear on homosexuality being a sin. Unfortunately, so do these people.  Take a look: The first is a video by Robert Breaud.  An...
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