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We told you about this story a couple weeks ago, and asked if you thought it was a cheap Christian imitation.  Turns out, legally, it may be. “The Real Housewives of the Bible” insist they answer to a Higher calling — but now, the show’s creator may also have to answer to Bravo … because the network claims they NEVER signed off on the project. If you haven’t seen the show … it’s because it went straight to DVD …. and it’s also not a reality show … but rather a scripted series with some seriously religious story lines. Problem is … Bravo holds the trademark on the “Real Housewives” name … and the network claims “Bible Housewives” creator Ty Adams never got permission to use it. A rep for the network tells TMZ … “Bravo is in no way associated with this project” … adding, “We vigorously protect our trademarks and take appropriate action when necessary.” via Bravo: We NEVER Authorized ‘Bible Housewives’ | Thoughts?

OK… one of my pet peeves.  Why do we have to have Christian versions of everything?  You knew it had to come sooner or later… unfortunately, it was sooner.  There is now a “America’s CHRISTIAN talent” show coming to television.  There are now open auditions at their website. And some of their entries so far are… well… Christian. When will we stop embarrassing ourselves by doing cut-rate rip offs of successful things? When will we come up with ideas of our own that other groups copy.  (OK… I think the church is actually starting to do that in some areas, which is GREAT). I guess the biggest part of my pet peeve here is the feeling that many people think it’s better if it’s ‘Christian’.  Hold on.  Not so.  In my experience, many times it’s not.  And singing and entertainment is a great example. God has gifted many people musically… both Christians and non-christians. Many people think they can sing and that they’re musically talented.  Both Christians and non-christians. If you’ve watched the first three weeks of any season of American Idol, you know that’s the case. So… why the need to have a purely “Christian” version of a talent show?  Is there a purpose? If you’re a Christian musician, would you enter “America’s Got Talent” or “America’s Christian Talent”? Just a hunch on my part… I’m thinking most of the really good Christian talent is going to enter the “America’s Got Talent” or “American Idol” competition rather than the Christian counterpart. OK… enough of the rant. Question:  Do you get into the Christian versions of regular stuff?  If so, give me an example, and why… Todd