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Interesting thoughts from Chris Gambill from the Center for Congregational Health: “It’s difficult to have a significant conversation with someone you don’t know well…For one thing, you don’t trust them, and you don’t know how much you can say… But here’s the bad part: Increasingly in congregational life we have a growing deficit of what might be called social capital. In many contexts — not by intentionality, but by accident — churches are a company of familiar strangers.” From an article at Friendship Baptist Church: It wasn’t always so, said Gambill, the center’s congregational health services manager. In the past church members’ daily activities kept them in close contact with one another throughout the week and outside the church. Now, he said, members go weeks or months without seeing fellow congregants anywhere except the sanctuary on Sunday morning. “So when we have a difficult conversation at church, we don’t have a group of people who have a deep relationship they can build off of — we have a group of strangers,” said Gambill. “So before you get to the point of having a heart-to-heart, you have build up connective tissue, because that’s where it has to start.” He gives some areas for churches that are disconnected to repair the damage… What do you think?  Is there something to his hypothesis?  Is YOUR church a ‘company of familiar stangers’?  How will you fix that? Todd