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OK… see if this intro does not make you want to read the whole article: Andy Stanley walked into his pastor’s office, filled with dread. The minister sat in a massive chair behind an enormous desk. He spread his arms across the desk as if he were bracing for battle. His secretary scurried out of the office when she saw Andy coming. The pastor had baptized Andy when he was 6, and groomed him to be his successor. But a private trauma had gone public. And Andy felt compelled to speak. The minister stared in silence as Andy gave him the news. The “unspoken dream” both men shared was over. After Andy finished, the pastor looked at him as tears welled up. “Andy,” he said, “you have joined my enemies, and I’m your father.” In this exclusive CNN article, Andy and Charles share what really happened when Andy quit First Baptist Atlanta and started North Point Ministries. It’s a pretty inside and open look at two of America’s more popular preachers. You can read it all here. I’d love to hear your first impressions after reading it.  Please leave a comment. Todd

It’s been seventeen years since Andy Stanley left his father’s First Baptist Church in Atlanta.  Seventeen years since Charles Stanley’s controversial divorce, and seventeen years since the rift that caused the father/son ministry team to separate. Last month, Andy Stanley spoke at First Baptist to honor his father’s 80th birthday.  And he opened up to the Atlanta Journal Constitution about the awkward departure from First Baptist, the founding of North Point, and the healing that’s taken place between him and his father: There’s also a nice article that goes along with the video here… Todd

Lifeway Research recently asked who the top living preacher that has most influenced Protestant pastors.  The number one answer:  Billy Graham (he had 3x the votes of the second name on the list).  Who came in second? Drum roll, please… Chuck Swindoll Rounding out the top ten: 3.  Charles Stanley (listen… listen…) 4.  Rick Warren (that purpose thing has really paid of) 5.  John MacArthur (wish I had something smart-allecky to say about Big Mac) 6. Barbara Brown Taylor (who?) 7.  David Jeremiah (a fellow Cedarville alumni) 8.  Max Lucado (way to go, Maxy) 9.  John Piper (Love John Piper) 10.  Andy Stanley (is he still alive?) Who would YOU put on the list?  And who are you surprised is NOT on the list? You can read more here.

OK… more specifically, In Touch Ministries has sold the TV Network they acquired just two years ago from the Southern Baptist Convention to ComStar Media that is owned, in part, by Robert A. Schuller, son of TV preacher Robert Schuller. I would think this would have to honk off some diehard SBC and NAMB (which actually sold the network) back in October of 2007. According to a press release from In Touch:  “In Touch took FamilyNet as far as possible with our available resources. Its growth and success occurred with a swiftness we never could have expected. When this opportunity with ComStar Media presented itself, we understood it was God taking FamilyNet to the next level.” A program hosted by Robert A. Schuller, “Everyday Life,” will be a cornerstone program on the widened AmericanLife Television Network. What do YOU think? SOURCE