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Russell Moore is under criticism this past week for a piece he wrote entitled “The Next Billy Graham Might Be Drunk Right Now”. Here’s what Russell wrote: The next Jonathan Edwards might be the man driving in front of you with the Darwin Fish bumper decal. The next Charles Wesley might be a misogynist, profanity-spewing hip-hop artist right now. The next Billy Graham might be passed out drunk in a fraternity house right now. The next Charles Spurgeon might be making posters for a Gay Pride March right now. The next Mother Teresa might be managing an abortion clinic right now. But the Spirit of God can turn all that around. And seems to delight to do so. The new birth doesn’t just transform lives, creating repentance and faith; it also provides new leadership to the church, and fulfills Jesus’ promise to gift his church with everything needed for her onward march through space and time (Eph. 4:8-16). After all, while Phillip was leading the Ethiopian eunuch to Christ, Saul of Tarsus was still a murderer. Here’s the link to the whole piece. What part of this is controversial you might ask? Well… comparing Mother Teresa to Charles Spurgeon, Charles Wesley, and Billy Graham, of course. We all know, after all, that Mother Teresa was unregenerate. Sounds like the beginning of a Rob Bell book. But when you think about it… some of our Bible heros had a pretty notorious past. And, some of our most beloved books of the Bible were written by murderers. True dat. (as the next Billy Graham would say).

Check out this quote by Charles Spurgeon:
We [pastors] depend entirely upon the Spirit of God to produce actual effect from the gospel, and at this effect we must always aim. We do not stand up in our pulpits to display our skill in spiritual sword play, but We come to actual fighting: our object is to drive the sword of the Spirit through men’s hearts. If preaching can ever in any sense be viewed as a public exhibition, it should be like the exhibition of a ploughing match, which consists in actual ploughing. The competition does not lie in the appearance of the ploughs, but in the work done; so let ministers be judged by the way in which they drive the gospel plough, and cut the furrow from end to end of the field.
Plow (or plough) away! Todd Found at The Old Guys