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Churches could get cash for bringing in women candidates for senior pastor under a plan by a group of Missouri churches that has cut or loosened ties with the Southern Baptist Convention. The plan by the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Missouri offers to pay costs for such things as travel and interviewing by a female candidate — even if they’re not really top candidates. The aim is to drum up interest in hiring women as pastor, reflecting concern that even though many churches in the Missouri and national CBF still have men in the top post, even though the fellowship was formed 20 years ago in part due to splits among Southern Baptists on the very issue of whether women should be pastors. The aim is to encourage search committees to “include a woman candidate in the process – treating her as a top candidate even if she isn’t actually one of the top candidates,” said Associate Coordinator Jeff Langford of the Missouri group. “Even if the church isn’t ready, the search committee may discover a remarkable candidate along the way that changes their perspective, either for the current search or for a future one,” he said. via Cash for interviewing women pastor candidates? | Faith & Works. // Seems like a bit of an ‘affirmative action’ plan for women pastors. Should we incentivize interviewing people who are really ‘not top candidates’ just because of their gender? I wonder if this is possibly an intended slap in the face to the SBC (who the Cooperative Baptists broke away from)? Would you take a cash incentive from ANYONE to interview someone to pastor your church? I’d love to hear your comments. Todd

The basic prayer package covers one hour of prayer cover per week for just $150 a month.  The deluxe package includes two hours of prayer cover per day for $1000/mo. I guess that’s a steal for only $16 an hour. Here’s how it works, according to The Prayer Company’s website:
When you sign up with The Prayer Company you choose which areas you want us to concentrate on in prayer: Business, Ministry, Family and Marriage. Then for as many hours per week as you choose, we diligently and determinedly pray through these areas according to your requests and what we hear from the Heart of God as we approach the Throne of Heaven on your behalf! We provide a detailed outline of what we pray into each area, plus we give you a personal prayer contact to share your requests and feedback with.
Huh. Please take a moment to leave a comment… Thanks, Todd (Thanks to Bill Reichart for the heads up on this one!)