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Casey Graham has some very important insight for fast-growing churches.  Here are two dangers you’ll want to watch out for… Danger 1: The belief we will always grow fast Reality: Most churches growth rate will slow down, stop or even go backwards at some point Why is this dangerous? The leaders become intoxicated with growth and start to hire and acquire like the growth will never stop.  I see a lot of leaders bet the farm on that new facility that will “pay for itself” or load the staff with high salary superstars.  Another common mistake we see leaders make is the lack of accountability for staff budgets and spending.  We also see a lot of churches that have millions of dollars coming in annually but they can’t make payroll if the church didn’t meet this weekend. Danger 2:  The belief that because we have plenty we must have a generous church Reality: Fast growth can cover up the truth about the churches holistic generosity Why is this dangerous? When churches are growing fast, the growth can cover up the healthy.  When growing fast we see giving units start to go up quickly!  Just because we have a lot of giving people doesn’t mean they are developing consistent Biblical generosity.  This usually doesn’t show up until the growth slows down.  When the growth starts to wane we will be tempted to microwave people into generous people. OK… those are the two dangers.  What can you do to avoid these dangers? Is your church growing quickly?  Have you thought about these two danger areas that Casey points out?  What will you do when/if the dramatic growth stops?  And, what steps are you taking to be sure that your fast growing church is actually developing consistent Biblical givers? I’d love to hear your thoughts… todd