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Has your church stopped growing? Is it plateaued? Is it in decline? Carey Nieuwhof suggests you ask yourself some tough questions. 1. Is your sense of mission white hot? Effective, growing churches have a white hot sense of mission that is all consuming.  Many times churches that have stopped growing have lost the urgency of their mission. 2. Are you focused on unchurched people or yourselves? Carey talks about the gravitational pull of any church being toward insiders, not outsiders. To address this, you need to base your decisions and focus on who you want to reach, not who you want to keep. 3.  Has your strategy or approach become dated? What got you here won’t necessarily get you there. Maybe your strategy has sopped be effective. 4. Are you on top of the constant change in our culture? Everything’s changing. Rapidly. Are you relating to the people you are trying to reach? 5. When was the last time you personally invited someone to church? Yeouch. Carey says: If almost no one at your church knows any unchurched people, it’s no mystery why your church isn’t growing. Read more here. Thoughts? todd

“God told me”. Carey Nieuwhof talks about this ‘trump card’ today at his blog.  And I couldn’t agree more. He states the fact that when most people play their trump card, it really has nothing to do with any time of theological thing (like salvation, the cross, etc.) and almost always has to do with their own opinion… things like church programs, vision, direction, etc. I like what he says: Most of the time when leaders trot out “God told me”, they’re actually seeking to add divine weight to something that truthfully, is either their opinion or their (maybe sincere) attempt to apply what they’ve learned to the situation they’re facing. Carey continues: So why not just call it that? It’s our opinion. It’s my conviction. It’s our belief. It’s my understanding. It’s my decision. I think people would just respect you more. Because that’s what it is, isn’t it? And if church people wonder whether you actually heard from God when you claim to be speaking for him, I promise you unchurched people – especially the millennial generation – don’t find it credible. So… have you used the ultimate Christian ‘trump card’ recently, or at any time in your ministry? Why did you do it? Did God really speak to you? And did your proclamation come true?  And did it help your leadership? I’d love to hear your experience. Read more from Carey here…   Todd