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Tim Challies’ post today is entitled “Smilingly Leading You to Hell”… in which he says that nice guys many times do not give a full gospel message. He cites Brian McLaren and Joel Osteen as examples in point. On Joel Osteen, he writes:
Both the history of the church and contemporary Evangelical church are replete with nice people who are in complete rebellion against God. Is there anyone nicer than Joel Osteen? Yet is there anyone whose message has less of the gospel and more anti-biblical nonsense? You can watch him in this video, sitting with Oprah, receiving accolades, nicely, smilingly leading an eager crowd farther and farther from the cross. He is nice, but he, too, will nice you straight to the gates of hell, flashing that brilliant smile all the while.
OK… I agree that the niceness of a person does not indicate the level of their gospel presentation. But my question for you is… is this a bit strong? Is it fair to say that Joel Osteen is leading people straight to the gates of hell and that he is in complete rebellion against God? Easy question.  Difficult answer.  What do you think?  Yes or no? I have a whole blog post inside of me on Joel Osteen… maybe this will give me reason to actually write it. Read Tim Challies’ post here. Todd

“If your plan will only succeed if there is no turbulence at any time, it’s probably not a very good plan (either that or you’re not going anywhere interesting.)” -Seth Godin Link I learned this lesson again yesterday.  It really made me think about where I was going.  I sure DO want it to be interesting. How about you.  Where are you planning on going in 2012? Do you expect turbulence? And how will you react when the journey gets a little bumpy?