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Most pastors don’t stay at a church long enough to really become ‘the pastor’. I’ve heard that it takes somewhere between 6-8 years in most churches for pastors really to be considered the real ‘pastor’ of a church. That means 6-8 years before the majority of folk accept you.  6-8 years before many people begin to respect you.  6-8 years before you’re really able to make some of the changes that it takes to move your church forward. But most pastors don’t make it 6-8 years. Many have a career of 3-5 year stints… most of which, by their own accounts, have been frustrating and non-successful. Brian Croft gives an example of why a pastor should really try to tough it out when at all possible. What do YOU think?  What has YOUR experience been? How long did it take you to really be considered ‘the pastor’? Todd