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It’s time for week three of our video podcast experiment called The Filter. We tried as hard as we could to keep it under 30 minutes and managed to cut the time to just 47 and a half minutes. Actually, we are just having too much fun. We’re talking about what has happened in the last week of ministry that caught our attention. For example… did you know that Kenneth Copeland actually had a hand in the fall of the Berlin Wall? Or that a pastor went to jail for stealing a sheep (literally)? We also talk about caffeine; National Pornographic magazine, super-sized communion cups, online interpretation of tongues, a movement that’s planted 7000 churches in the past decade, two megachurches that are merging, a threat to the pastor’s housing allowance; senior pastor salaries, sushi, and (not to mention), Euphemisms for sex from the 1800s. Yes, it was a packed show… I hope you’ll take a watch. I think you might enjoy:



Online Intrepretation of Tongues (2:00)


Kenneth Copeland says his books helped topple the Berlin Wall (8:46) Catholic League’s Bill Donohue Defends Priest Who Blamed Children For Their Abuse (9:55) Pastor goes to jail for stealing sheep (literally) (11:20) Caffeine: The Silent Killer of Emotional Intelligence (12:55) Steven Anderson on National Pornographic (14:50) Rick Joyner on Amputated Limbs Growing Back (16:15) Charlotte churches focus on prayers, not politics, during DNC (18:05) He cries. He wees. He saves the world (20:20) New worship service and educational program planned for children with special needs (22:44) Big Life Plants 7,000 Churches in Difficult Nations (23:46) Pastor: BranchCreek church merger made from position of strength (25:02)


Church was 3,000; Now is 200. Down to 1 Pastor. Selling its 60,000 square foot facility (27:20) $1.2 Billion Pastor Housing Allowance is headed to court (29:52) Large Church Senior Pastor Survey Says: Your Pay Went up 2% (34:45)


17 Euphemisms for Sex from the 1800s (38:57) Jiro Dreams of Sushi (44:32)