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Here’s a TV story about a church in North Carolina. Big feud between past members and current members. According to the news story… a settlement has been reached. The current leadership will remain in power, and the pastor stays.  The pastor was accused of child abuse at his last ministry, but says those claims are false. My question… what good can come out of this? Seriously? This “Bible preaching, KJV” church is not positioned to reach anyone after a very public fight, and a pastor shrouded in controversy. When should a pastor or a church just call it a day? I think this may be one of those instances (for both the church and the pastor)  IF  they are serious about reaching people in their community. If they want to keep a small group of people together to read and preach from the KJV, I guess it’s ok.  But their very presence will not be good for the overall name of Christ in that community. Am I totally off base here? (I’ve been known to be from time to time) What do you think? Todd