It’s Official: Crystal Cathedral is now Catholic

The Diocese of Orange has officially closed on their purchase of the Crystal Cathedral property.  The Catholic church agreed to pay $57.5 million for the property. The current Crystal Cathedral congregation has 3 years to find another place to worship. You can read more here.
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Insider Trading at the Crystal Cathedral

An interesting story in yesterday’s Orange County Register that I admit I don’t fully understand. Seems that some tried to block the sale of the CC to the Catholic Diocease because of a 1987 lease that agreed to give the building and property to Robert Schuller Ministries in return for a 99 year lease. But nobody could prove that the lease actually existed. Schuller daughter Sheila Schuller Coleman testified on Monday that the congregation had paid the 99-year leas in full on Monday morning… all 99 years worth.  Grand total:  $99. But no one could produce the documents, so the judge...
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Deferred Miracle?

Well… last week the judged ruled that the Crystal Cathedral will be sold to the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange. Sunday at services at the CC, Senior Pastor Sheila Schuller Coleman thanked God for ‘intentionally delaying” a miracle.  Here’s what she said, according to the Orange County Register: “Is a miracle delayed, denied?  We have many reasons to believe that God’s miracle will still come to pass and His glory will still shine all that much brighter.” She said that in front of, the the Register listed as a ‘congregation of about 400′. (If...
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$300k per year… Forever

Wow… things are getting even more interesting in the Crystal Cathedral settlement. Last week, I did a post on churches and pastors that just don’t get it.  This could very well be part 2. Everything’s coming down to a judge’s determination this week (it was supposed to be yesterday, but has now been postponed until Thursday) as to what happens to the Cathedral.  It will either go with a local college or the Catholic Diocese.  It’s all up to the judge. But what was interesting to me yesterday was what was written about in the Orange Country Register. Evidently, Robert...
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Catholics Still Want Crystal Cathedral

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange has filed a petition in bankruptcy court to block the sale of the 40-acre Crystal Cathedral campus to Chapman University, stating that the plan will not pay creditors in full and will set up the ministry for failure predicting that the cathedral, under that plan, could run out of cash by next May. The diocese’s offer for $53.6 million is the better and more superior bid for the Crystal Cathedral property compared to the $50 million offered by Chapman University, its attorneys argue in the petition filed Friday. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange has filed a...
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$150,000 a month to rent the Crystal Cathedral

Well… the Crystal Cathedral board has come to the realization that they will ultimately have to sell the landmark church. But to who? The CC board has picked Chapman University as their preferred buyer.  Chapman’s bid is $50 million, roughly the amount owed creditors by the CC. Chapman would allow the CC to ‘rent’ the main cathedral building for $150,000 a month (with some increases) for about 15 years… then the CC would have an option to purchase the property back. Problem is… the local catholic diocese has offered $53.6 million… with the stipulation that...
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Vegas Church: Bankruptcy

One of Henderson’s largest churches filed for bankruptcy protection last week after deciding to stop making mortgage payments on its main campus. According to court documents, the Board of Directors at the Church at South Las Vegas determined that the donations received from church members would be better spent on expanding the church and other pursuits than on making payments on its existing building and land, which are significantly upside down. The first hearing for the bankruptcy petition was scheduled to take place this morning in the Nevada District of U.S. Bankruptcy Court. Church board...
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Catholic Crystal Cathedral?

The Catholic Diocese of Orange said Wednesday it is looking into the possibility of trying to acquire the Crystal Cathedral complex in southern California. The diocese said in a statement on its Web site Bishop Tod D. Brown has authorized a law firm and other lay advisers to explore whether the church should try to purchase the expansive property in Garden Grove, which is tied up in federal bankruptcy court. The diocese said in its statement the bishop has followed the bankruptcy proceedings and is concerned about the future of the landmark facilities. It also noted the diocese does not have a...
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Schuller Out

Wow.  News that Robert H. Schuller has been voted off the board at the Crystal Cathedral.  His wife voted for him to stay, but the rest of the board voted him off, at least as a voting member, of the CC board. According to the church:  “This will free up Dr. Schuller’s time for more speaking engagements and a writing project he has wanted to tackle. He will also continue to speak in the pulpit of the Crystal Cathedral and on the Hour of Power, and meet with staff in creative and vision-casting meetings.” But according to Schuller’s son, Robert A., who himself was voted...
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Crystal Cathedral Burial Plots

Did you know that part of the Crystal Cathedral property in Garden Grove is actually a cemetery and mausoleum?  Yes… 1.5 acres! A little trivia for you:  Marie Callendar (yes, the frozen food and restaurant gal) is buried there.  So is Thurl Ravenscroft, the voice of Tony the Tiger. Those who own plots or space there also include Pianist Roger Williams, and the family of TBN owners Paul Crouch. Prices range from $1400 to $4850 for smaller plots up to a quarter mil for ‘family estates’ that can hold up to 10 caskets. But with the property up for sale, some people aren’t...
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