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[Start rant now] Really? A revival reunion? Remember the Brownsville Revival? Well… I was intrigued when I saw a headline that read “Holy Spirit Moves at Brownsville Revival Reunion”. Huh? You mean the same revival that put the host church into $11.5 million in debt? Yep… the same one, evidently. Don’t worry if you missed it though… you can purchase a DVD for just $12. Do I sound a tad bit cynical? Here’s more from an article earlier this year: A decade removed from the largest Pentecostal outpouring in U.S. history, the church is facing financial ruin. It incurred an $11.5 million debt after the out-of-town crowds and its former pastor moved on. “Every Monday I find out what the (Sunday) offering was and we decide what we can pay this week,” the Rev. Evon Horton, Brownsville’s current pastor, told AP. “The good news is last week we paid our mortgage. The bad news is it drained our bank accounts.” The church has been making cuts wherever it can. It has slashed millions off its debt by selling property and trimming expenses, and it’s in the midst of raising funds to pay off the remaining $6.5 million. The paid staff of 50 is now down to six, and the weekly newsletter is printed monthly instead. Between 800 to 1,000 worshippers total attend two Sunday services, leaving most of the 2,200 seats in the sanctuary empty. Another sanctuary, which seats 2,600 and was built just for the revival, is now used for a gym, community classes and storage. Horton told AP it’s a blessing from God that the church has survived this long. “It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with in 30 years of ministry,” he said. // The cynical side of me asks why the Holy Spirit showed up at the revival revival and not for the last 10 years at the church that put it all on the line and got caught with the bill. [End of rant.  As you were.] Am I wrong? Todd