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From the This week, a judge in Oklahoma sentenced a 17-year-old to attend church for the next ten years as part of a probation arrangement that will potentially keep the young man out of prison after he was found guilty of manslaughter. Tyler Alred pleaded guilty to first-degree manslaughter after he caused a car crash that resulted in his friend’s death in August of this year. John Luke Dunn, a passenger in Alred’s Chevrolet pickup, was ejected from the vehicle and died on impact. Alred was 16 at the time of the crash and had consumed alcohol prior to getting behind the wheel. Despite a Breathalyzer test that revealed Alred was under the legal limit for the state of Oklahoma, he was underage and thus had been drinking illegally. Oklahoma District Court Judge Mike Norman would have been within his legal rights to send Alred to prison, but he instead sentenced him to wear a drug and alcohol bracelet, participate in counseling groups, and attend church weekly. All of this is in addition to a stipulation that requires Alred to graduate high school. Norman chose a jail-free sentencing because of the fact that, prior to the August incident, Alred had clean criminal and school records. Should Alred not complete the terms of his probation, he could face a 10-year prison sentence. While the sentencing does indeed demand that Alred attends church every single week for ten years, the judge will allow Alred to choose which church to attend. Because he’s not forcing the 17-year-old to attend a specific religious institution, Norman’s sentencing for Alred is apparently legal. // Read more here… What do you think?  Great sentence or an absolutely horrible idea? Please leave a comment… Todd