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Before you say anything… read this and think about what you’d do… Visalia Calvary Church pastor, the Rev. Bob Grenier, and his wife, Gayle, have sued their estranged son, Alex Grenier, accusing him of defamation and cyberbullying. Alex Grenier, 40, launched the website more than two years ago and posted accusations that his father committed felony child abuse against him and his three brothers while pretending to be an upstanding preacher and police chaplain. But Bob Grenier said Thursday that he and his wife have had enough of their son’s “online hate campaign” against them and are suing to stop their son and to tell their side in court. “Alex has orchestrated a cyberbullying campaign against me, his mother, our church and our movement,” Bob Grenier said. “We do not want to live with this kind of cyberbullying.” Alex Grenier, who lives in Idaho, said he will not back down. “He frames it as a hate campaign. It’s not defamation. We’ll prove it in court that it’s not defamation. The stuff I’m alleging is true.” Alex Grenier said he has not yet seen the lawsuit and does not have a lawyer. He said he will represent himself for now. “The real ‘hate campaign’ has been going on for over 30 years at Calvary Chapel Visalia and in our home at the hands of pastor and Visalia Police Department Chaplain Bob Grenier,” he said in an email. Bob Grenier’s lawyer, Nick Pritchett of Visalia, said he does not expect the lawsuit to settle out of court. In February, a trial date will be set for later in 2013, he said. The lawsuit filed Wednesday in Tulare County Superior Court also named Tim Taylor of Visalia, a former Calvary Church member who, the lawsuit said, libeled Bob Grenier in online statements submitted anonymously. Attempts to reach Taylor for comment were unsuccessful. Besides libel and slander, the lawsuit alleges that both Alex Grenier and Taylor engaged in intentional infliction of emotional distress of the pastor and his wife. “Something has to stop him,” said Gayle Grenier, 61. “We can’t keep being slandered. It’s no way to live, and it’s been going on for years. My son needs to be stopped.” Bob Grenier, 65, has been the pastor at Visalia Calvary Church for 34 years. Alex Grenier is his stepson whom he has helped raise since Alex was 3 years old. The lawsuit does not name stepson Geoff Grenier or the couple’s biological son, Paul Grenier, who are also estranged from their parents. Reached by phone, Paul Grenier said he last saw his father eight years ago and backs his brother Alex. “I witnessed what he witnessed,” Paul Grenier, 30, said.
Wow.  There’s a lot going on in that story.  And probably a lot of sin and blame to go around.  Assuming you are completely innocent, how would you respond if you were the pastor?  If you were the son?
I find it interesting the all three of the sons are estranged from both parents.  There have to be some deep rifts there for it to effect all three sons.
Take a minute to pray for the Grenier family right now… that there would be peace, forgiveness, and reconciliation with all parties… and for the church, that has to be totally consumed with this rather than their real mission.