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In a very large announcement, Mark Driscoll writes today at the Acts 29 Blog: Together, we decided, in light of all the complexity we’re facing, that the best thing for Acts 29 going forward would be for Matt Chandler to assume the presidency, move the network offices to Dallas, and select his Acts 29 staff. In light of this, I want to sincerely thank the people of Mars Hill for investing millions of dollars over the years in Acts 29 and the people of The Village for being willing to house the Acts 29 headquarters. As for myself, I want to humbly serve Jesus and his men in Acts 29 by doing whatever is best for them. Going forward, I will gladly remain on the Acts 29 Board supporting Matt, along with Darrin and whomever else Matt believes best fits the Board. Mars Hill gladly stays in Acts 29 as well. I’ll be spending much of my time going forward serving all of Acts 29, pastoring at Mars Hill, helping the Resurgence, writing books, organizing preaching campaigns, and doing media interviews.  You can read more here… Thoughts? Did anyone see this coming? Todd

The Acts 29 Network is bringing micro-churches to Fort Worth neighborhoods, and pastors hope their congregation will make people like church more. “It’s really a grass roots effort,” said the pastor of The Rooted, Nick Ostermann. The City Church, The Rooted and The Paradox are all Acts 29 churches that meet and serve in Fort Worth neighborhoods. The Acts 29 movement started with Mars Hill Church in Seattle 10 years ago. The church has grown to over 400 “plants” as pastors plant new churches around America, and around the World. The Rooted was the first Acts 29 church plant in the area, making its home in south central Fort Worth more than two years ago. However, the heart of their church may meet in the house next door to you. “There are big churches here, but for us in Fort Worth, we have smaller plants, it’s all about the city groups,” Ostermann said. The City Groups or “Villages” are a defining mark of the Acts 29 church movement. Though each church has a different title for the conglomeration of church members meeting at houses and serving the community, they remain similar in purpose. Micro management of the church is a unique intention of the Acts 29 movement. “There is more responsibility to the church members, it’s all about equipping the city groups for whatever God has placed on their hearts,” said Ostermann. via