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Excuse my french. This quote from a task force report of Southern Baptist pastors caught my eye this week: “Many of our churches have chosen to celebrate other things as a measure of their success rather than new believers following Christ in baptism. We have drifted into a loss of expectation.” We have drifted into a loss of expectation. When we don’t expect much, not much happens. My biggest problem with many churches:  We don’t measure much of anything… Nothing is getting measured.  (OK… maybe butts in seats and dollars in the offering). But have we forgotten what we really should be measuring? Accountability and measurement can mean different things to different churches. Some measure baptisms (which I think is a pretty good measurement). Others measure conversions.  Still others the number of people in community or small groups. There are myriads of other measurements like attendance, hitting the budget, the number of missionaries support or dollars raised for missions, building a building, expanding the number of services or campuses.  They all have a place. But when we drift into a loss of expectation, we are in dangerous territory as a church. I think every church needs to ask at the highest level “What business are we in?” The way you answer that question should dictate what you measure. And what you measure is what ends up getting done. If you’re not measuring something… start.  Start with something. Don’t let the loss of expectation take your church down the road to oblivion. todd