Stop standing still. It's time to move on.

There are often times in our lives where God will call us to stay firmly planted and faithfully rooted right where we are. But there are other times where God has called us out and told us to move on.

What do you think?

Have there been times when you should have moved on, but you were somehow waiting for a ‘sign’ from God?

And have you ever taken matters into your own hands, and moved on when you should have stood still?

It’s always a struggle for me.

How about you?


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  • Charles September 26, 2013 Reply

    I submit that the video clip rests on an unlikely interpretation of Exodus 14:14-15. Steve sees the “be still” of verse 14 to teach that Moses was instructing Israel to physically stay right where they were standing (with the Egyptian army bearing down on them) and that God corrected Moses in verse 15 by telling Moses to tell Israel to “move on” through a miraculously-opened sea.
    However, the “be still” command in v14 is consistent with such Scriptures as Psalm 46:10 and Psalm 37:7 where inner calmness and reflection are encouraged regarding the Person, glory, power and promises of God.
    Therefore I think it is not likely that Israel’s forward march through the opened sea replaced and rebuffed the “be still” of v.14 (interpreted in the way I indicate above). Israel’s going forward was an act of obedience in the context of what it means to “be still” – the inner contemplation and appreciation of who God is and what his Word says. They were to move forward physically while being still internally in their savouring the faithfulness of God.
    Nevertheless what Steve is aiming at in the video clip……the need to move on if the Lord initiates such…..remains true, even if the verses given in the clip do not in themselves teach that.

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