STOP IT! 20 things you need to stop doing right now…

Scott Williams shares 20 things that you should stop doing right now… but first… one of my favorite videos of all time:

  • 1. Stop placing your job above your family.
  • 2. Stop doubting yourself.
  • 3. Stop believing the lies.
  • 4. Stop settling for second best.
  • 5. Stop procrastinating.
  • 6. Stop making excuses.
  • 7. Stop standing paralyzed in awe of the success of others.
  • 8. Stop tippy-toeing on that line of sin.
  • 9. Stop being consumed with what other people think.
  • 10. Stop waiting until tomorrow to do the things you can do today.

Scott gives us ten more here.

What do YOU need to stop today?


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