Stalled church? Maybe you need a re-alignment.

Scott Cochrane writes: In my years as an executive pastor of a large church, and in my years working with hundreds of churches, these are what I have found to be the top 10 alignment problems that can stall your church:

  1. In meetings, lead team members only seem to discuss their own ministries.
  2. Proposed ministry plans and budgets bear little resemblance to the agreed direction of the church.
  3. The look and feel of the branding for various ministries in your church look nothing like the look & feel of the church brand.
  4. The vision statement for your church is strangely absent from any promotional materials for the various ministries.
  5. Each ministry has its own positioning statement.
  6. Increasingly, squabbles seem to be breaking out between ministries over space allocation in the facility.
  7. There are doctrinal inconsistencies among the ministries.
  8. Age-specific ministry events are so randomly scheduled, a family would never be able to be home together during the week.
  9. Ministries collect their own offerings to support their own projects.
  10. Each ministry has its own posted “Vision and Values”, completely disconnected from the church’s vision and values.
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