Split at the Crystal Cathedral

Well, it’s all come down to this.

All the Schullers are out.  Most have been booted and fired from the board and their positions.

And CC senior pastor Sheila Schuller Coleman announced Sunday:  “This is the last Sunday we will be worshiping in this building.”

She’s leaving to start a new church, location yet to be determined (even though it starts this Sunday).

“My entire family has been experiencing a hostile work environment,” said Coleman.

Right after she made the announcement, another CC pastor, Bill Bennett, assured the people gathered at the CC that they would meet, as usual, at the CC next Sunday, just like always.

And the format will go back to traditional worship… organ, choir, the whole she-bang.

So now, the Crystal Cathedral, for the first time ever, has virtually no Schuller at the helm or on the board.  None.

And what are Robert and Arvella doing?  According to a statement from Arvella (Sheila’s mother):

“We will bless her faith pursuits as we have blessed all our children, but we will not be moving with her to the new location nor are we willing, at this time, to commit to participating in worship at the Crystal Cathedral… How we will express ourselves in worship remains up in the air.”

Who will be the new senior pastor at the Crystal Cathedral?  No one seems to know yet?  But one thing’s for sure… they’ll have an uphill battle, including their own physical transition from the CC building within two years, when the Catholic Diocease of Orange becomes the new permanent occupant of the facility they purchased earlier this year.

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  • Don March 12, 2012 Reply

    I’m sorry for the Schuller family, for the Crystal Cathedral and for the body of Christ. When things like this happens, it hurts all of us. But I think it’s also a warning (or even a foretaste) of the problem of succession in an independent, personality driven family ministry. What will be the future of the other mega-churches we know and love that are driven by a strong person for a long time?

  • Rev. K.A. Christian March 15, 2012 Reply

    @Don… you’re right regarding the problems of succession in independent personality drive family ministries… is this Biblical? of course not… as we all would love for our children to succeed us in ministry… however, the calling is not up left us to us… but is left up to God.

    The Levitical succession ended with Jesus Christ… such churches that practices succession sets themselves up to be personality driven…

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