Sovereign Grace, CJ, and the SBC

From a story covered in April’s Ministry Briefing Digest:

CJ Mahaney seems to have become a bit of a lightning rod of late. The founder of Sovereign Grace Ministries has been through the wringer of late, as SGM is embroiled in turmoil with churches leaving, and an ongoing child sexual abuse lawsuit.

Piling on top of all this is SGM co-founder Brent Detwiler calling on the Southern Baptist Convention leadership to distance themselves from Mahaney until the sexual abuse lawsuit is over. Detwiler says:

Some of the greatest preachers in America have enabled C.J. in his sin when they should have been confronting his sin and taking action. These men continuously promote one another’s books, conferences, ministries and celebrity status. It looks like a mutual admiration society, and it often leads to a double standard of living.

Today we discuss the story, and how leaders should interact with others who are in the midst of controversies like this one.

How do YOU publicly interact with leaders in these situations?

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