Sometimes as a church leader, you have to say NO or STOP

Seth Godin has a great post about the need to say NO or to say STOP.

His case in point is the movie The Lone Ranger.

The movie has flopped at the box office.

It cost almost a quarter of a billion (BILLION) dollars to make.

Seth’s point is:  the movie was made by some of the best professionals in the business:  actors, producers, marketing departments, etc.

But they were trying dress up a turkey.

(I’ve heard one church staff member over the years call this process “spray painting a turd”).

They tried to make something look good that just wasn’t.

Seth’s point:  You need people on your team who will call a turkey a turkey (or a turd a turd if you like that illustration).  Someone that will stop basting the turkey or spray painting and say NO or STOP.

Do you have THAT kind of person on your staff?

Do you have THAT kind of person on your board?

If not?  Find that person.  They’re a valuable asset to your team.


Read more from Seth here…


  • Steve Miller July 16, 2013 Reply

    People who say “No” or “Stop” are often seen as critical or overly negative. People hate to be told “no,” church people really hate to be told “stop, you misunderstood what God wants here.” It traces back to a basic desire to always be right (performance based acceptance), any negative comment is seen as a personal rejection or attack, it is admitting I was wrong, I made a mistake, or I screwed up.

    The world has to dress up mistakes because their worth is tied to their own performance. The Church teaches we can be wrong because Christ’s performance determines our worth. In fact our central message is we are moral screw-ups, imperfect people saved by grace.

    The Church needs to get to where we truly believe we can be weak so God may be strong. In that environment “No” and “Yes” aren’t personal but both ways of advancing God’s Kingdom in the most effective direction and manner possible.

  • Fred July 16, 2013 Reply

    Terrible ratings, Flopped at the box office. One of the best movies I have seen in my life.

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