Someone should do this

I don’t know of another website like this in the US.

This is a creative ministry idea from the UK.

People tell local churches their specific needs and it gets posted to the internet.  Then people can give to specific needs.

Simple, innovative, and solves problems.

How many requests for help do you get at your church, especially around the holidays.  Most churches don’t know how to help (and can’t help everyone).  This seems like a great solution.

Maybe someone reading this would like to start something like this.

You start it… I’ll help promote it!



  • Donald November 17, 2011 Reply

    The thing I see being hard about this in the US is the tax structure churches are under. When Directed Giving is used for non-taxable purposes, it puts the church in a tight position.

    If it was founded as a non-church nonprofit whose specific purpose for existing was to allow people to provide for needs of others, that might be able to work.

    But when someone says to you “Here is $500 to give to Joe, because he’s having a hard time, and that’s the only thing you can do with this money” the non-profit (aka Church) loses its discretionary spending over the money, which usually has taxable consequences. It is generally no longer a charitable contribution from the givers standpoint, and it is a taxable receipt from the institutions standpoint.

  • Jim November 21, 2011 Reply

    Interesting. I wonder if church members would start giving the money to individuals verses the church and then the church would start hurting? It would be nice to be generous enough to give to both.

  • Craig Lee November 22, 2011 Reply

    Hey Todd,
    Before you do this or anybody else for that matter take the time to read the book Toxic Charity: How the church hurts those they help and how to Reverse it, by Robert Lupton.

    Pete Wilson quoted from it a week or so ago, I got if off Amazon for my iPad. Wow, I think he is on to something.


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