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Some Southern Baptists Not Thrilled with Duck Dynasty's friendship with some SBCers

Hold the phone. Baptismal regeneration? According to some in the SBC, some of their fellow leaders have been a little too quick to befriend and ask the Duck Dynasty guys to speak at SBC events… given that some of the clan are elders… in a CHURCH OF CHRIST. So… here’s a expose… trying to determine the real beliefs of the Duck Dynasty guys on the topic of Baptismal Regeneration.  Here’s a short excerpt from a blog that’s tackling this ‘scandal’ head on. I wrote A Few More Things You Should Know About Duck Dynasty when I found out these fellows belonged to a Church of Christ – White’s Ferry Road Church of Christ. That post documents a ministry from White’s Ferry, that trains people in evangelism, explaining that people should be re-baptized for salvation who claim, “I am already saved; I was saved when I believed in Jesus” or “Were baptized to show [they] had already been saved.” I have had several conversations – online and off – on this topic. Several of my fellow Southern Baptists have concerns since the Duck Dynasty folks are publicly partnering with some Southern Baptists. Oddly, there has also been a large silence about what these folks believe about baptism, but there have been inquiries. So, in an effort to clarify what White’s Ferry believes about baptism, Elder Mike Kellett recently addressed the issue due to many of those inquiries. Also, note that Duck Commander Phil Robertson and his oldest son, Alan, are Kellett’s fellow elders. To begin, I’d like to share a few resources on baptism before I share a link to Mr. Kellett’s sermon… And so the blog post goes… with quite the expose… quite a bit of research. On Duck Dynasty. Seriously. Should the Duck Dynasty guys be speaking anywhere near an SBC church?  I don’t know.  Can’t say that I really care. But some do… and that’s ok. I’ll just watch the short video testimony of Willie (which I thought was quite impressive, actually), and catch an occasional episode just for fun. And I’m fine with that. What do you think?  Big deal, or are you crying foul? (see what I did there?) Leave a comment. Todd