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Snapchat and Teenagers

Adam McLane writes: A lot of youth workers have been asking me about Snapchat, a mobile picture sharing service that is popular amongst some segments of teenagers.

I know there are some innocent uses out there. I’ve even heard from youth ministry folks who use it to connect with their students and crowd-source ideas. But I also know of some horror stories. Stories of regret and exposure to things their eyes didn’t want to see.

Matt Steen and I discuss on this edition of MinistryBriefing.


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(Length:  7 min 00 sec)
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One Response to “ “Snapchat and Teenagers”

  1. Adam McLane says:

    3 quick thoughts in response to your video.

    1. Thanks for mentioning the discussion. I’ve blogged daily since 2004 and the post about Snapchat was the #1 viewed post I’ve ever written by about lunch. So obviously, people are curious.
    2. I made it clear in the post that there are innocent uses for Snapchat. But you failed to bring up the crux of the problem with Snapchat… that the creators are lying about the core features of the site. Images don’t just disappear. So even if you are sending innocent/cute/funny pictures of your friends with the assumption that they aren’t going anywhere, it’s just not true. Is that a bad thing? Not really, but my point is that we as adults/parents need to constantly remind our kids that EVERYTHING they post online is saved and could one day be public.
    3. The reason I advised people to help teenager navigate away from Snapchat and towards something with a better abuse/privacy policy (Instagram, for example) is that all of the ingredients of abuse are present. Are people using it responsibly? Yes. Are Todd’s kids using it inappropriately? It seems as such. Do most parents monitor their kids behavior? Not even close. (And you could argue for and against monitoring teenagers and the impact that has on their development into men/women!)

    Anyway, love the discussion and wanted to offer a little pushback.

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