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Small Chicago church suing Adidas over trademark


A Chicago-area church is looking to trap elusive Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose into testifying in its pending court date with sporting goods giant Adidas Group.

A lawyer for Zion, Ill.-based Christian Faith Fellowship Church said he may wish to depose Mr. Rose for a trademark infringement trial set to begin in August. The church trademarked “Add a Zero” in 2006 to sell a line of T-shirts to benefit its food bank, while Adidas trademarked “ADIZERO” in 2009 for a new line of lightweight footwear and clothing.

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Huh… is there anything YOUR church could sue a big company for?

Come on now… be creative.



4 Responses to “ “Small Chicago church suing Adidas over trademark”

  1. Gary Sweeten says:

    If the ball player got $240 mill the church should get at least ten times that amount plus a percentage annually forever.

  2. This will get thrown out of the courts as frivolous.

  3. Matt says:

    My first problem is that the church is suing ADIDAS at all. How does that show anyone that we are different? Secondly how is ADIZERO in anyway a rip off of add a zero. This is stupid and ,makes Christians as a whole look bad.

  4. BART says:

    I know a couple of churches that could sue the local funeral home for stealing members.

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