Six things that can lead to really bad leadership…

Phil Cooke lists six situations and cultures of churches that can hide bad leadership, at least for a season:

1.  Money… mistakes can be fixed and bad leadership and decisions can usually be rectified if you have deep enough pockets.

2.  Resources… like multiple assistants, a talented staff, a beautiful facility, etc.  A great staff can really mask bad leadership at the top, at least for a while.

3.  Bubble Cultures… where the church has limited interaction with the outside world, and therefore no comparisons for performance.  Cooke says this is why some external consultants can be useful for churches… so they don’t get stuck in their bubble thinking everything is hunky dory.

4.  Hyper-Loyalty… where loyalty is so highly prized that it covers a multitude of leadership sins.  In these situations, leaders are sometimes able to play the loyalty card on those around them even in the midst of extreme incompetence.  If someone is teaching loyalty over competence, watch out.

5.  Nepotism… If there is a culture of nepotism, it can create safety nets for the leader.

6.  The Political Animal… this is where the leader is the master politician and knows how to create alliances and support.  And they’re not afraid to use the political prowess to protect their turf and their position.

Read more on each of these here…

Have you encountered a really bad leader being protected by one or more of these situations or cultures?  I have.

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