Simple Challenge: Stay on-task for five minutes

Craig Jarrow, the “Time Management Ninja” has a challenge for you:  Stay on-task for five minutes.

Just five minutes.

It’s harder than you think.

Try it.

OK… how’d you do?

Here are some suggestions Craig has on how to actually stay focused:

  • Set a Timer – Set a physical timer. Pledge not to change your focus until the alarm goes off. You will build up your focus endurance little-by-little.
  • Tune Out the Distractions – Many distractions can be shut out if you actively ignore them. Put on your productivity blinders or even your headphones to tune out the background noise.
  • Turn off the Tech – Technology is a great enabler, but is also the source of many interruptions. Turn of the ringer. Turn off the email notifications. Turn off the alerts.
  • Don’t Multi-task – Finish the job at hand before you start something new. Multi-tasking divides your attention. You are creating your own distractions when you multi-task. Soon, you have 57 things started and nothing done.
  • Isolate Yourself – Close the door. Go to your productive place. (Sometimes it iswhere you work…)

Believe it or not… you can get A LOT done in five minutes!


Read more here… (It’ll only take you five minutes).  🙂

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