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Sermon Writing is the Easy Part… Here’s What’s Hard.

Any one can “get up a sermon.” In fact, sermon writing is the easy part! The hard part is actually hearing from God; and listening to God BEFORE you write the sermon! When you are first beginning in the ministry, the “art”–if you want to call it that–of finding, creating, and writing sermons seems mysterious and difficult.  In time, however, you work out the formula for sermons and your life becomes less stressful, and sermon-building easier.

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“What is the formula for sermon writing?” someone asks.
There’s no one formula, but each preacher works out his own according to his own style. Here are some tips from Pastor Joe McKeever: Rather than try to turn your Bible into a magical one-size-fits-all book of sermons, pastor,  try seeking out God’s message for your people one day at a time. 1) Ask the Lord.  “What do you want me to preach on the 21st of the month, Father?” Or, one that I have prayed: “Lord, you have heard every Mother’s Day sermon ever preached, and inspired most of them. Show me what you would have me to say to my people on that day.” 2) Seek His will.  Read Scripture with your heart tuned to getting His answer.  Read the newspaper, listen to the news, observe goings-on around you every day alert to the messages the Lord is sending your way.  Stay logged on to Him. 3) Humble yourself.  You may know the original languages, you may have incredible oratorical gifts, and you may be gifted at eliciting responses from your people. But the question is not can you do this without Him, but “What does the Father wish to say to His children?” 4) Wait on Him. To get the answer, you might need to quieten your spirit and shut down your systems and be still before Him.  Make up your mind you are through preaching “nice little sermons you carved out of Scripture all by yourself,” and from now on you are going to preach only the messages God gives you. And if you cannot tell the difference, your problems are bigger than we can address here. 5) Be willing to adapt.  God is a lot more skilled at sermon-building and interest-creating than we preachers will ever be. He is the Creative God. So, once you know the text and the basic message, ask Him how He wants it preached.  And once again…. via Sermons are Easy; the Hard Part is Having a Word From God. – Joe McKeever Christian Blog.