Same Sex Ceremony: Would you attend?

Interesting post over at Out of Ur recently… they ask the question as to whether or not you would attend a same sex wedding ceremony.  They use a quote from Al Mohler that says they he thinks it would be difficult for a Christian to attend:

The traditional Christian ceremony, as reflected in The Book of Common Prayer, asks if anyone present knows of any reason why the couple should not be joined in holy matrimony. That is not intended as a hypothetical question. It is intended to ensure that no one present knows of any reason that the union should not be solemnized, recognized, and celebrated…. To remain silent at that point is to abdicate theological and biblical responsibility. Even if the question is not formally asked in the ceremony, the issue remains. We cannot celebrate what we know to be wrong.
Interesting dilemma.  One I really hadn’t thought of. To be honest, I don’t know that I’m going to be invited to a same sex ceremony any time soon. But I bet my kids or grandkids will. How should they respond? Mohler says, “We cannot celebrate what we know to be wrong.” Agree.  But sometimes we do.  It’s just not same sex marriage we’re celebrating. When one of our kids or a family we know has a kid who has a child out of wedlock, it does put us in a somewhat awkward situation at times.  Do we celebrate this new child who was conceived ‘in sin’? That seems a little more pragmatic a thing for most of us to talk about than whether we’d attend a same sex marriage ceremony. After all, we can’t celebrate something we know to be wrong.  Right? Maybe I’m getting too caught up in the word ‘celebrate’.  But we deal with people everyday that have ugly sin attached to their lives:  they may be divorced, or a drunk, or a liar, or a thief, or a gossip, or a glutton, or may interpret scripture on an issue totally different than we do. Don’t get me wrong.  Taking a stand is important.  But so is not being a… well a word that I shouldn’t print here.  It seems like a fine line that most of us Christians don’t manage very well. Do you agree with Mohler’s statement?  And where do YOU draw the line? Would you attend a same sex ceremony?  Would you ‘celebrate’ at the baby shower of a baby conceived out of wedlock?  Aren’t these kind of the same thing only one is more social acceptable than the other? Call me crazy. Todd