Sam Chand on 'skinny jeans and spiked hair' & why your church's culture needs to change

For the last twenty to thirty years church leaders have heard about the importance of vision.

We have gone to conferences about vision, lectured on vision, and encouraged our congregations to buy into vision for years. While many times all a church needs is a clearer understanding of their vision, many times vision just isn’t enough. There is something missing: a healthy church culture.

Let’s be brutally honest: an unhealthy church culture will eat your church’s vision for lunch.

Enter Sam Chand.

Sam’s book Cracking Your Church’s Culture Code goes after that piece that eludes us: church culture. Sam sat down with Todd and Matt yesterday to talk a little bit about the book, why culture is so important for churches, and how to start developing a healthy church culture:

You can track Sam down at his website and on twitter, and you can find Cracking Your Church’s Culture Code on Amazon.


  • Keith March 10, 2014 Reply

    I can’t believe what I just watched!
    Forget that you are on a Christian website and the words “Christian” and “Church” is used and you are just ingesting another secular corporate branding strategy from the book of “Six Sigma”. Don’t get me wrong church culture is critical for a healthy body but did you hear “It is the Senior/Head pastors job to take the local neighborhood church bodies vision-mission-goals and define and establish the core culture and nourish it based on its vision-mission.
    We heard how often pastors are frustrated because their vision is not sinking in; or “there is just something missing”.
    You heard a lot of “senior/head pastor, elders, our vision/mission: I, our, my, etc.

    Not once did you hear the words; God, Jesus, Christ’s church, our responsibility to focus on Christ’s marching orders/vision for HIS church, of which our grades on our individual grade card is solely determined by our stewardship in regards to Christ’s vision for the church and how well the local leadership and members of His body using the tools and specific responsibilities He has given to us. Let’s start their and get refocused on the basic fundamentals and then everyone will begin at the same place and be on the same page and grow according to Gods plan.

    That great sage, Maria(Julie Andrews) stated: “Let’s start at the very beginning it’s a very good place to start…

    If we will just look at the success and exponential growth of those local bodies/churches that are focused on Christ’s vision for the church. That take this vision and adopt a nurturing culture of growing the individual members of that body based upon a dogma of accountability to the foundation of “Leadership for the church leadership; ministry for the members of the body.”


  • Ferrell Hardison March 10, 2014 Reply

    EXCELLENT!!!! BRILLIANT!!!! LOVED IT!!!! Our staff read this book about a year ago and it revolutionized our lives and the church we serve. Because of a healthier culture that continues to improve, we have seen more conversions and more discipleship than ever before in the history of the church! Thank you for this interview!

  • Aaron Johnson March 12, 2014 Reply

    Great Book. Been digesting it for the past few months, and teaching from it in our leadership meetings. Of course it’s based off of what should be a given, that Pastors and local church leaders have sought God through much prayer and leading of the Holy Spirit as to His vision for the local church.

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