Safe Church: The right people carrying guns

Pastor Brady Boyd from New Life Church in Colorado Spring is registered to carry a hand gun, but he doesn’t carry when he preaches:  ““It could be dangerous for a pastor to be shooting back in a big crowd of people. My church is safe because we have the right people carrying guns.”

Pastor Larry Dickey of First Baptist Church in Sunizona, AZ, however, thinks he’s the right guy in his church to carry a gun: “I do so because there is a need for people to understand that we need to defend families and ourselves…We are not a nation that understands how important it is to be vigilant in safely handling a firearm in a defensive manner – with courts and other segments of our society thinking if we are unarmed, we will be a safer people.”

Two different points of view.

What’s yours?

Or maybe you think that guns should not be present AT ALL on Sunday mornings.

I’d love to hear where you (and your church) stand on this issue.

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  • dguy February 4, 2013 Reply

    We have a number of people who legally carry firearms and they carry to church. We have LEO’s who carry all the time, plus a good number of CCW’s who are carrying at all times as well.

    I personally have my CCW but I don’t carry while preaching, precisely for the reason mentioned in the article. I would not have a clear angle from which to shoot, so it wouldn’t do me (or anyone in front of me!) any good. So I have a member of our security team assigned to me every Sunday who sits in the congregation in a place where he can move quickly to intervene if someone attempts something during the service.

    Our security team is a mixture of carriers and non-carriers, LEO’s and civilians, all led by LEO’s who are experts at security issues. Plus we have a uniformed Deputy on sight during all services.

    We have also begun the process of putting in place an “active shooter” system.

    All of this is an effort to be a “safe” church.

  • Steve Long February 4, 2013 Reply

    I saw Jesus at the gun show. He was looking at a Glock 40 so I asked Him, “You are Jesus; Why are you getting a gun?” So He says that several times he had to give the Sadducees the slip because they were after Him and he wanted to make sure he could protect Himself and those around Him if some liberal Sadducee went nuts in the crowd. So I asked Him, “Where is your Father in all of this?” Isn’t He interested in looking out for you from Heaven? So Jesus replies, ” “Heavens rules don’t ‘zactly apply in this situation,” which caused me to ask, “isn’t that sorta like saying that eternal stuff is a situational ethics problem?” Jesus looks at me patiently and says, “Now you know Steve that My Dad has blessed our great nation and He wants everyone to have the right to bear arms to protect this li’l patch of Eden against radicalizing influences. The evidence of His tender devotion is evident. We have the mightiest and most awful weapons in the world here. How could we have such military security unless MY Father was mighty pleased to give it to us.” So obviously I had to ask, “But isn’t the GOOD NEWS a radicalizing influence?” Jesus smiled a sad, patient little smile. “How are we going to defend ourselves against the Sadducees or the Taliban or Al Quaeda if we don’t become just like them only more dangerous?” I was stunned so I weakly asked one more question. “Jesus, if this is so then why did you tell your disciples “Peace I leave with you, NOT AS THE WORLD GIVES GIVE I UNTO YOU. Doesn’t the world promise peace by force of arms?” And then I realized I was not talking to Jesus. Whew, that freaked me out for a minute.

    • Grace February 5, 2013 Reply

      Steve — That is the best response I’ve seen on this topic in a LONG time!

    • Matt February 5, 2013 Reply


  • Adrian Bell February 5, 2013 Reply

    I have concealed handguns present in everyone of our services. If a nut gets nutty we will handle the situation.

  • Steve Long February 6, 2013 Reply

    I would not advise any one that I loved to attend your congregation Adrian. Here is the reality. If a crazy man did do the unthinkable and a bunch of concealed weapons were around most of those carrying would not have training in ‘shoot-don’t shoot’ scenarios so my loved ones could be killed or seriously injured by someone other than the crazy guy. The average police officer is required to qualify at 85% and some police personnel fail and must do remedial training. Qualification shooting has a fraction of the stress that live fire combat has. Professionals have regular training for weapon use in stressful situations and even then they occasionally empty their magazines without hitting the bad guy. Everything else around is splattered up though. Don’t kid yourself, if a person is hit by a round other than from the crazy guy the congregation and the individual that fired the shot would be successfully sued. (I think Sunday services for the next decade would be at an all time low because who would attend the wild west church if they did not have full body armor).
    In police situations every effort is made to know who the good guys are and keep them out of any possible line of fire. In a congregational setting shooting might come from all over and some of the shooters might not know who the legitimate ‘carry’s’ are so now in the middle of a come to Jesus session you now have a mini-war zone. On the battle field non-combatants are called collateral damage. What do they call them in a church building? The best training is to teach men to be self sacrificing and try to tackle a crazy guy. If enough make the move the goal can be achieved. God has the opportunity to act alongside His peace seeking children and who knows, you might see a miracle instead of a line of Ambulances. What grieves me is that in this country the public image of the Church is so polarizing that it attracts crazies, and not like the Gadarene demoniac to get well, but to raise hell. Several years ago a sick man murdered some unarmed Amish kids. The response of the Amish community is an exemplary study in Christ-likeness. Are you afraid to go to heaven now Adrian? If so I can understand your reluctance to trust God no matter what. ‘Trust’; that is another word for ‘faith’.

    • ian February 9, 2013 Reply

      Excellent response.

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