Rob Bell: Working on a new faith-inflected talk show he would host

According to a new article about Rob Bell in the New Yorker… here’s the teaser:

In 2011, Bell left Mars Hill, in part because of the controversy surrounding his book, and also because he was becoming less interested in the rigid structures of a church. He now lives in Orange County, California, and is developing a faith-inflected talk show he would host. From a certain evangelical perspective, Bell’s life can look like a cautionary tale: his desire to question the doctrine of Hell led to his departure from the church he built. But it’s also possible that his new life will end up strengthening many of his old convictions.

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Question… would YOU watch this new show?  Why or why not?



  • Steve Knight November 20, 2012 Reply

    Yep, I’d watch it! I think it’d be fascinating to hear Bell interview guests and talk about religion and spirituality.

  • apprising November 20, 2012 Reply

    Yes, I would. It would be a great way to get ahead on what to warn the church about.

    Rob Bell has always had a way of being on the cutting edge of whatever new heresy would become popular.

  • Steve Miller November 20, 2012 Reply

    Depends on the guests, if he raids Oprah’s green room I’m probably not interested; but let’s say his first episode is called “Hello, Rob Bell,” and the first guest is John Piper I will be glued to my TV.

  • James Carmichael November 20, 2012 Reply

    oh gosh – if it’s like what Steve suggests I would totally be watching that. If it’s fluff, who cares, we get that everywhere. But if it’s real and robust and he can get people into a room to talk, that’d be a great contribution to the church and to the world.

  • Leonard November 22, 2012 Reply

    No, I would not watch, especially if it was on at the same time Burn Notice was on.

  • I’m with Steve and James. We could use some calm, thoughtful controversy about important topics.

    One thing that strikes me about all this is how how often those lead their churches in cutting-edge outreach lose the focus of what that outreach is supposed to accomplish.

    Without becoming a scholar on Rob Bell, his life, and theology, it looks to me as if that’s what’s happened to him. Reaching out has stopped being part of God’s sacred purpose and is being pursued for its coolness factor.

    I’d love to see a restoration.

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