Rick Warren offers use of Saddleback campus to nearby church if necessary

St. James Anglican Church in Newport Beach, CA may be without a building soon.

They are trying to retain their building since their split from the US Episcopal Church over widening differences of biblical interpretations and the confirmation a few years back of the first openly gay Episcopal Bishop.

The Episcopal Diocese is suing St. James and two other Orange County churches for their property.

As it currently stands, St. James will need to appeal the current decision of the court, giving the property to the diocese.  If the appeal does not go through, the church will have to vacate the property soon.

Rick Warren has offered the Saddleback Campus in Lake Forest for the church to use temporarily if they are forced to leave.   The leader at St. James said “We are overwhelmed by his generosity.  It is an encouraging sign of support from Christians in the community.

QUESTION:  Would your church make a similar offer to help out a church in your area in a similar situation?  Why or why not?

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