Quitting too soon

Tim Peters has written a short piece dealing with ten reasons why pastors quit too soon.  I found it interesting (and true).  Take a look at the list… Do you ever feel like quitting?  It’s probably because of one of these reasons… 1. Discouragement

  • Many pastors and church leaders receive criticism, experience little or no growth, people leave, enemy attacks, etc.
2. Failure
  • Many pastors are successful.  But with unnecessary and self-afflicted pressure they feel like a failure.
3. Loneliness
  • It can be lonely at the top.
4. Moral Failure
  • Especially sexual sin/affair/pornography addiction.
5. Financial Pressure
  • Not enough money to support their family. Or lack of financial responsibility.
I wonder though… when you want to quit… which one of these is the biggest culprit?
Is there anything that you might add to the list?
When was the last time you were really serious about quitting?