Pray for Community Bible Church

Bad news from the weekend in High Point, NC.  42-year-old Pastor Robert McKeehan took his own life last Friday.  The church he served, Community Bible Church, and it’s multiple locations, are reeling in pain.

There were no public tell-tale signs of Robert’s inner struggles.  In fact, the church’s website still have a link to Robert’s last sermon, preached just five days before his suicide.  I watched a little of it, and there he hides it well. But something changed between Sunday and Friday.

My heart and prayers go out to the congregation and leadership at Community Bible.  Would you take a moment to pray for them as well today.  (And for Robert’s wife and two kids).

A lot happens in the life of leaders that go on behind the scenes.  Let’s pray for the hundreds and thousands of Robert’s out there that are on the edge and not sure what to do.  And if you have no where to turn, please feel free to contact me, and we’ll see if we can’t find someone that might be able to help.

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  • sweetenlife April 15, 2014 Reply

    There are few events with more long term devastation than suicide. Afterward, anyone involved has inner doubts and questions for years. I have offered pro bono counseling to Ministers for a long time and heard numerous stories of pain and desperation from them. One barrier to getting counsel is the stigma often associated with psychology by Christians. Every church needs to have counseling consultants with whom to work on issues. We had over 50 lay helpers at our church plus classes on dealing with depression and anxiety, marriage and conflicts, etc. If the church is going to be a caring community we need to learn the art and skills of caring.

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