PODCAST: Should we REALLY plant MORE churches?

This week, Matt Steen and I have a lively discussion about whether or not we should REALLY plant MORE churches… the reality that most pastors will never lead a church of over 250 (and if that’s ok)… and the move to mobile (and what churches need to be doing to capitalize NOW.)

We hope you’ll listen… it’s about 24 minutes we think you’ll enjoy…

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The Internet Moves to Mobile Phones

Should We Plant More Churches?

Are You Prepared To Lead a Small Church?

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  • Cole Phillips February 22, 2016 Reply

    Way to go Todd. I’m in the half that Matt ticked off 🙂
    I’m all about learning to be content in your identity and life no matter what size of church you lead. However, it’s not about, as Matt said, “growing deeper with each other.” It’s about a passion for reaching the people in your area and around the world with the Good News of Jesus. I know you were both saying similar things, but I’m with you all the way about keeping your focus on the lost. And when you do that, you will grow deeper with each other in the process.

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