Why Can’t You Get More People To Volunteer at Your Church?

Vibrant churches are very reliant on the power and number of their volunteers. Mark Beeson, the pastor at Granger Community Church has written a piece on why good people volunteer. His insights may help you in building a successful volunteer base at your church. See if you are offering your people these opportunities…

Vibrant churches are very reliant on the power and number of their volunteers.Click To Tweet

Here (in a nutshell) are Mark’s thoughts:

1.  People volunteer because they want to see done the thing that you’re trying to do.

2. People volunteer because they see a need and want to help meet the need.

3. People volunteer because, deep down, they want to be involved.

4. People volunteer because they are invited to volunteer.

5. People volunteer when they see how their personal involvement improves the work.

6. People volunteer because they want you to succeed.

7. People volunteer because they love working with you.

8. People volunteer because they love working with the other volunteers.

Click here to read more of Mark ‘s thoughts.

How is your volunteer base?Are you championing something that volunteers would “love” to be a part of?


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