PCUSA disses 'In Christ Alone' song from hymnal

OK… I will go on record as saying that it’s not one of my favorite worship tunes, but recently the PCUSA hymn song picker outer committee decided to drop the song “In Christ Alone” from the new official denominational hymnal.


Well… because of this line:

On that cross, as Jesus died, the wrath of God was satisfied”

The hymnal gatekeepers contacted the authors of the song, and suggested the following revision:

On that cross as Jesus dies, the love of God was magnified”

The authors said no.

And the song was dropped.

The committee said that it had nothing to do with the word ‘wrath’, but rather with the word ‘satisfied’ (that supposedly refers to a specific view of theology that it rejects).

The vote was 9-6 to drop the hymn.

I just have one question:  What’s a hymnal?


Read more here.


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